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Escape Extras

He Karere… (our message)

When it comes to the hunting and or gathering of any wild foods be them from the ocean or the bush, whether fruits from trees or wild animals, it must be said that we uphold the mana (status) of the animal and or food source by performing karakia (prayer) and abiding to the appropriate tikanga Māori (Māori customs). It is important to remember that the taking of such foods are for sustainability rather than to prove mans dominance over another species. We have no doubt, you too will feel a spiritual connection in what we do with the help of our spiritual guardians. It is important we treat animals with the respect they deserve. If you decide to hunt with us, we will dress, chill and package your meat ready for you to take home and share with others.

“Kāore te kūmara e kōrero mō tōna ake reka”. (The kūmara does not speak of its own sweetness) – put simply, remain humble.

Aruaru Nanekoti (Goat Hunting)

We take you into the ngāhere (bush) to either spot, watch, photograph and or hunt, kill and prepare your own meat for you to then provide to your loved ones. These animals are wild and free from any human intervention. Goat meat is the most eaten meat on the planet and unfortunately the wild goat population does a lot of damage to our native and regenerating natural bush. $200 / hunt

Whakangau Poaka (Pig Hunting)

When it comes to strategic hunting mixed with adrenalin, wild pig hunting has it all. We use trained pig hunting dogs to help us catch wild pig meat for you to take away with you. It is imperative once the dogs hault a pig, that we get there as fast as we can to lessen the chances of any unnecessary damage on both the pig and the dogs. $300 / hunt

Rukuruku Kaimoana (Gathering Seafood – Free Diving)

Kei te āhua o Tangaroa (depending on the behaviour of Tangaroa – god of the sea), we will take you to the calmest spot on the day so you can simply see, photograph or gather seafood yourself from the ocean. Seafood can range from kōura (crayfish) to kūtai (mussels) and pāua (abalone) depending on current regulations and take restrictions. We will be happy to prepare your catch for you should you wish, or simply cook it yourself your favourite way. $150 / dive

Kūpapa Tia (Deer Stalk)

We are lucky enough to hold numbers of both red deer and fallow deer on our property and should you wish to take a day to simply stalk and photograph or stalk and hunt meat for your family, we will do our best to achieve this for you. $400 / hunt

Mātauranga Ngāhere (Bush Knowledge)

During this guided bush tour we will teach you about particular native trees and plants, their use, and the way in which they can be used for food, shelter and medicinal use. We also explain the significance of some of our most special native birds and how they relate to us and our Māori culture in Aotearoa. $150 / tour

Warrant of Fitness or Steel Sharpens Steel Mentoring

No matter your aspirations or position in life, Korey Gibson has tools to help you succeed. Put simply, “I do it different” – Find out more here.

Kiwa Comfort Crate (Hamper)

Our Kiwa Comfort Crate consists of some of Kaikōura and NZ’s finest in the way of cheese, crackers, craft beer, wine (type of your choice), confectionary and any other surprises including seafood (season depending) you may want ordered and included.

Investments usually vary from $100 – $300 depending on your requirements